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How this works

  1. Donor adds hardware donation to list.
  2. Good cause reviews list.
  3. Good cause contacts donor to request donation and arrange collection.
  4. Hardware is donated.
  5. Donor returns to site to remove donation from list.

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Frequently asked questions

1) Do we collect hardware donations?

No. Donateapc simply puts hardware donors and good causes in touch with one another. (Hence we do not even come in to contact with any of the donations.)

2) Can private individuals legitimately request donations made through Donateapc?

No. We only support 'organisational' good causes. (Individuals in need may of course benefit but only through an organisation acting on their behalf.)

3) How do donors ensure that any potential recipient is a genuine good cause?

In our experience most requests are genuine. However, we do encourage donors to ask sensible questions such as 'What is the address of your organisation?' 'What are its objectives?' and so on.

If you have any doubts about the validity of a request consider...

  • declining
  • following up by, say, seeking a web site, contacting a colleague of the requester etc.
  • if the good cause is said to have charitable status ask for its charity reference number and check this with the Charity Commission
  • do let us know




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