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About us

In 2004 one of Ivan Wainewright's clients wished to donate a few unneeded (but perfectly useful) computers. Ivan posted a short notice on his 'IT For Charities' web site. The response was overwhelming: Donateapc was conceived.

Having recently met and befriended David Eisenhart at London's Charityfair Ivan asked him to build the site: Donateapc was born.

The service ran well over the next eight years, re-housing many many items of hardware- PCs, Macs, printers, monitors and so on.

Disaster then struck: the site's host was taken over, something was changed and Donateapc stopped working. David and Ivan tried to pull it back up but did not have the time or resources to do so successfully: Donateapc was dead.

Just then an email arrived from a Colchester school with "unwanted printers, smart boards and a 67 inch plasma screen." They weren't geared up to selling the items and to dispose of them responsibly was going to cost money. Did we (David and Ivan) know anywhere it could be put to good use? Well, no. That's what Donateapc was for.

David replaced the malfunctioning home page with "HELP!" and George Hazlewood immediately responded:

The pages and database were loaded on to George's machine: Donateapc was reborn.



Ivan Wainwright, www.itforcharities.co.uk, is an independent IT consultant to non-profits. He advises on databases, software and IT strategy.

George Hazlewood, www.layer1.co.uk, builds and hosts web sites for SMEs. George works with open source technologies (particularly Drupal) and design agencies.

David Eisenhart is currently helping with the kids at home and is working on Blank sheet to balance sheet.




2004 Donate A PC